Bits of Signum 06.12.2021

Well-known Plastic Toy Designer Candie Bolton Sells Out First Digital Toys in Mythical’s Upcoming Game Blankos in 112 Seconds

“Sell Me Your Plots Pls” -Signum ARK Gallery 8811 under construction March 2021

Updated from a presentation at MIT, November 2019 — The Future of Video Gaming and Behavior Change Around the Concept of Personal Identity and Status since 1980. (Angela Dalton, Signum Growth Capital)

Executive Summary

Guinness Book of World Records — Garden Gnomes Ann Atkin (UK)

“I’m Going to the Online Concert and I’m Taking my Gucci Bag with Me!”

Source: Fortnite

angela dalton

Founder / CEO , Signum Growth Capital | Emerging Tech Strategy | Video Games | Blockchain |Policy

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